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Updated: May 20, 2021

In India, tea is much more than a drink to begin your day with. It has become an integral part of the culture and life of every Indian. In fact, if you take a walk around any local Indian road, you will definitely find chaiwallahs (tea sellers) steaming up a hot Masala Chai for their customers. It is the country’s most popular and beloved beverage Indians.

A Perfect Companion

Tea is considered as the ideal companion for many occasions in India. It’s the perfect way to enjoy a rainy day, the comforting cup on a winter morning and even a soothing drink on a hot summer afternoon. Tea is known to stimulate the senses and refresh the mind and body; therefore, it is consumed before big meetings, on a bad day, and to make your good day even better.

A Social Event

In a country where guests are considered a manifestation of God, tea is the perfect way to greet guests at home along with some hot snacks. In fact, you can’t refuse a cup of tea in the country or your host might get offended. Drinking tea has become an elaborate culture in India, where many now host tea-parties, celebrating special occasions. Chai has become a sign of hospitality and it builds connections like no other form of food or drink.

A Conversation Starter

Whether you’re on a first date, meeting your friends after a long day or with your office colleagues for a tea break, Chai seems to break the ice and helps people to communicate with each other on a much better level. In fact, tea-time is associated with an idea of stopping every activity to take a moment to sip Chai and have a small chat.

With nearly 1 billion people enjoying the taste and culture associated with Chai, it is surely a drink that can build new relationships and reconnect old ones.

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